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Development Outsourcing

We will look after the entire area of your work, so that you can focus on any other essential tasks.

We will be helpful, when…

you don’t have corporate developers

For example , you’re a design agency. You need to realize a nontrivial web project that you can’t build with a website builder tool.

you do have developers but they are insufficient

You have your corporate developers’ team but you need extra manpower urgently, and there is no time to search and recruit.

you need developers having knowledge of a specific stack

Suddenly, you have been given a back-end project in Haskell, and you don’t have a suitable or free specialist.

Out Tech Stack


TypeScript, React



How we will


Collect the requirements

1–2 days
Define the task, the objectives, the desired outcome. If we have enough data, we will assemble a team for the project and start the evaluation process.

If you are not sure that your requirements are comprehensive enough, we will help to generate all the necessary data during the Discovery phase.

Conduct Discovery, draft Technical Assignment

3 days to 1–2 weeks depending on the project
The analyst will work though the key issues with you: “Who are the service users?”, “What capabilities does each of a user need?” etc.
Based on the data obtained, we will formulate functional requirements for development.
Our designer will make service prototypes as requested. This will help to work through the non-obvious issues, make sure that we understood the task correctly and did not miss a single thing. You will review the content and modify it if necessary. Based on the prototypes the developers will estimate the outstanding scope of work and prioritize the functions of the future service more precisely.
If you are on tight budget or terms, we will offer a Fixed-Price model. If you are ready to adjust to the changing requirements — Time & Material model will be the optimal choice for you.
If you need to stick to budget or terms, we will offer a Fixed-Price model. If you are ready to adjust to the changing requirements — Time & Material model will be the optimal choice

Estimate the terms and cost of work

1–3 days
Based on the available data, the developers will estimate the duration of work. A designer may join the estimation process if design is needed. Finally, you will receive a detailed table of tasks with an estimation of each task in hours.

Coordinate the cost and work format

1–3 days
Define the most comfortable way of communication and payment.
We will introduce you to the Project Manager and developers. The rates of each developer depend on the grade according to our Developer Roadmap. The Manager will advise you on every particular engineer.
Together we will formulate, when and what results you will get.

Summarize and proceed to development

1–2 days
The Project Manager will be in touch with you end to end.

While we're taking stock, our developers will have everything set up and start making things happen.

No Stress From Us

We start the work within 2 days without extra formalities

All we need is a Technical Assignment and a design. When you don't have it, all you need is to describe your ideas and goals, and we will help to shape it into project requirements sufficient enough to start the development.

Select specialists based on their skills rather than titles

Not all projects require a senior engineer. For your project we will select developers with relevant skills based on our Developer Roadmap. Your can involve your specialists to participate in technical interviews.

Work predictably

We understand that it can be particularly important to know when and what functionality will be ready and what to expect once the project is completed.
We are convinced that there are no "silly" questions, and the earlier you talk through every awkward issue, the more pleasing the result will be. That is why we are open to questions throughout the work, so that in the end both you and us will be satisfied with the result.


I’ve had a chance to work with the guys on 2 different blockchain projects. Over the time of cooperation, they showed the strongest technical skills, total commitment to the project, and shared understanding. It’s a real pleasure to work with them.
Reviewer avatar
Simon Cheburashkin
— Product Manager
I’d like to say many thanks to Sergey and the team for their time and effort. Their help was unquestionable. Even our way of looking at the course format has changed to some extent.
The joint work was pretty smooth though sometimes our approaches varied considerably. It is totally fine – ultimate match is utopia.
Sounds perfect when such people as Sergey with deep expertise in the developers training are into the education business.
Reviewer avatar
Vladimir Kobzev
— Product Manager
The team takes all control panel frontend development tasks. Guys have integrated into our processes and interact with the backend team. The flow goes comfortably, without a hitch. In particular, I’d like to point out layout quality. It’s nice to see when the final result matches mockups.
Reviewer avatar
Harsharanga Patil
— Product Manager
What changed after MetaLamp team joined It is hard to get people who know Haskell and who have used it in industry. When we started, deadlines were quite short and very complex. We started looking for freelancers as hiring then was near impossible given the timelines. MetaLamp provided us Developers who were quite fluent with Haskell and were also interested in learning new things like Nix, Purescript and have completed a few projects with these new technologies. They have also started getting into other projects and we look for a long term engagement with them. Tech wise their primary contribution is in building our Core Backend Service (Haskell), Dashboard and Completing Integrations with a lot of external systems. Along with this they are also understanding overall stack and unifying the project.
Reviewer avatar
— Head of Development Office
Our joint work started when we planned to employ frontend developers. Since there were multiple project tasks and pressing deadlines, we decided to work with contractors for a couple of months. But it turned out that instead of 2 months we’ve been fruitfully working together for more than a year. The reason for that became the high-quality specialists and a comfortable interaction format. We work according to the Time & Materials model, so in the pandemic realities, there is actually no difference between internal and external staff members. Colleagues allow us to manage human resources flexibly. If necessary, we can connect additional people or switch them to other projects when the load has decreased. Apart from a single team lead position, we stopped looking for front-end developers as we’re planning to continue working with the MetaLamp team.
Reviewer avatar
Marina Zimin
— Manager of Outsourcing Department
Over a long cooperation period, MetaLamp developers and managers have proved themselves to be a team of deep-thinking and high-performance specialists. We can entrust guys with complex tasks and be sure that an excellent result will be received on time. We’re glad to be partners with MetaLamp and are planning to deepen the cooperation further.
I have worked with various contractors and MetaLamp is one of the best ones. It applies not only to the quality of the performance (though junior developers worked on our project) but to the management and organizational matters as well. We alreadу had an internal team, and when the folks joined, they immediately found a common language with other developers and the designer, participated in all stand-ups and all. As a result, we’ve successfully completed project testing before handing it over to the client and met the deadline. I think the best feedback would be that I involved guys in three new projects without any doubts.
Reviewer avatar
Jezen Thomas
— Cofounder & CTO
Help us build an event-sourced marketplace in Haskell. Sergey and his team are great collaborators and integrated nicely with our team over the past several months. They produce fast, high-quality work and we would definitely recommend working with them.
We’ve been working together for over a year. A team of professionals capable of performing complex tasks efficiently and timely. They are flexible in terms of shaping a project team depending on the scope of work and implementation requirements. I would definitely recommend them.
Reviewer avatar
Vimal Kumar
— Owner, Founder
I know we have got a good consistent performance from MetaLamp. Thanks for that. I also like how Sergey Cherepanov has a way to find good talent, train them for deep skills and then include them in the project.
We collaborated to create a business marketplace in Israel. The guys were responsible for the front-end part. We appreciate the contribution – they are the real professionals in the sphere. Besides, we are grateful for the flexibility in relation to us. We could precisely plan time and costs due to flexible team management. They easily scaled the team up and down depending on the speed of other project participants. I think it is crucial for young startups. Strongly recommend them!
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